2021 Guide to Must Have RV Accessories

Nov 20, 2020 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
2021 Guide to Must Have RV Accessories


As we wrap up 2020 and start to plan for 2021, you may be spending some time thinking about what kind of trips you want to take in the new year. As you plan and upgrade your RV, there are some must-have accessories that you should purchase. These items can make your life easier so you can enjoy your trip more.

Backup Camera

New automobiles on the market are now coming with backup cameras, but your RV might not be equipped with one. This is especially true if it's several years old. We can equip your RV with a backup camera. This camera is especially helpful when you're driving a large vehicle that makes it nearly impossible to see what's going on behind you completely. As you maneuver your RV, you'll be able to see if there are objects or pedestrians behind you to avoid hitting them.

Lithium Jump Starter

This is one of those items that you should have, but you hopefully won't need it. A lithium jump starter will allow you to jump-start your RV if you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere with no help nearby. A unit that provides 2,000 amps is powerful enough to get your RV running.

Wheel Stabilizer

When you park your RV, you can use a wheel stabilizer to keep your tires in place. You don't want to worry about your RV rolling away on an uneven surface, whether you're inside or outside of it. Wheel stabilizers that provide opposing forces are the best choice. They will work with the natural movements of your tire for ease of use.

Upgraded Sewer Hose

Depending on what kind of equipment you currently have in your vehicle, upgrading your sewer house can ensure that you won't have any leaks or issues while on the road. Many of these hoses can compact down for easy storage when they're not being used. End caps are included to stop any drips from making a mess.