3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Your RV

Mar 13, 2019 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Your RV

When you???ve decided to purchase an RV you still have a lot of other decisions to make. There are so many different kinds of RVs available that it makes sense to carefully consider what kind would best suit your needs. With RVs, it doesn???t work to just pick the RV that???s the most popular. You should pick an RV that fits your personality, how you intend to use it and other factors. Out of all the things you need to think about, here are the three most important factors to consider when choosing your RV.

1. Length

Before shopping for your RV, figure out what is the maximum length that you???ll want to own. The length of the RV will determine many other things, including the turning radius, where you can or cannot park, what streets you can comfortably drive on and even what parks and campgrounds you???ll be allowed to enter.

Many places, including towns, have maximum vehicle length restrictions. For instance, if you plan on traveling the Pacific Coast Highway, you can not drive an RV longer than 30-feet long. For national parks, there may be restrictions on RV length in certain areas of the park, but there will always be room for parking in certain other designated areas.

Length is also a consideration as far as being comfortable driving through cities and/or towns. If you aren???t comfortable with driving the largest RVs, it???s better to sacrifice a little space in order to have a more pleasant and less stressful driving experience.

2. Slide-Outs Option

Modern RVs have slide-out options. These are one or two-side slide-outs that provide a wider interior space while the RV is parked. This feature increases the cost of the RV, but many RV owners swear that the extra space makes the expense worth it. The benefits of slide-outs include being able to play host to fellow travelers while staying at campgrounds without feeling cramped for space; having room for a working office inside the RV; having the room to bring along guests on your travels.

The only real drawback of slide-outs is the extra maintenance. It???s a mechanical feature, so the potential for the need for a future repair is almost inevitable at some point. It can also be challenging to find an RV slide-out service station while you???re on the road in remote places.

3. Storage

Storage is the last major consideration you should make when buying an RV. Consider how many people will be traveling in the RV. Each person will need a certain amount of storage for clothing and accessories, personal care items and private possessions. You???ll also want to consider storage space for things everyone uses, like towels, paper products, food, beverages, etc. Of course, if you fall in love with an RV that doesn???t feel like it has enough storage, you can look into creative storage solutions that work with RV life.

Your RV is literally a home away from home. You should put as much thought into your RV purchase as you did with your home purchase. Your RV dealership representative can help you find the right RV for your needs depending on your lifestyle, budget and travel plans. Why not visit an RV dealership today to see all the different types of RVs that are available? We look forward to serving you!