3 Places to Park Your RV on a Trip

Mar 23, 2018 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
3 Places to Park Your RV on a Trip

Taking the roads by storm is the only way to do it when you own a recreational vehicle RV. The only problem with finding your way in the great outdoors and on the highway is that there is often nowhere to park your home on wheels. Many veteran RV owners schedule their rest stops so that they are never without a parking space. There are, however, places to park when you are in a bind on the road. Here are three potential spots to leave your RV for a few hours or overnight.

1. Truck Stops

Many RV owners make the mistake of believing that truck stops are only for tractor trailers. The truth is that the spots can accommodate RVs as well as trucks. It is in your best interest to be courteous to those drivers around you and be intentional about parking straight so as not to disturb the culture of the place. Truck stops bring out the best and worst of people, which is why you should make sure to lock all of your doors and close the windows on your RV.

2. Casinos

Casinos are usually viewed as a place where you take risks and have fun. Your RV, however, may have a spot on the premises if you call ahead and arrange things with the manager. It is always a good idea to show courtesy by parking far away from the entrance of the casino if there are no specific spots designated for RVs. You may also want to consider having enough money if the facility assesses a small fee.

3. Walmart

The retail chain is not just your one-stop shop for all of your family's favorite products. Walmart is also an open campus for parking your RV overnight if you go through the correct channels. Calling ahead and asking to speak with the store's manager is the best way to receive instructions on where to park and the general rules for using the facility's parking lot as a rest stop. Just as with casinos, you should park your motorhome away from the store's entrance and make sure that you only stay one night.