3 Tips For Environmentally Friendly RV'ing

Oct 29, 2019 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
3 Tips For Environmentally Friendly RV'ing

Green RVing may seem like a contradiction, but RVing produces a smaller carbon footprint than staying in a hotel or flying. There are ways that you can lower your environmental impact even further.

1. Cut Down on Utility Usage

Instead of cranking up the AC, you can park in a shady spot in the summer and keep the windows open. Instead of using the heater in the autumn or winter months, you can park in a sunny spot that's sheltered from north and west winds. You should also consider using solar RV kits that keep your batteries fully charged. You can also reduce power usage by replacing your refrigerator with a newer marine model.

2. Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

The first thing to consider is switching to bio-diesel whenever possible. If your RV's warranty has expired, you can ask a mechanic to change your engine to only using bio-diesel. You can also inflate your tires, which improves fuel efficiency. Another thing to remember is not to speed up when going up hills since that uses more fuel than you need.

3. Use Fewer and Better Tank Cleaners

To stay green, you should use enzyme-based tank cleaners rather than chemical-based cleaners. Chemical-based cleaners contain things like formaldehyde, which can damage the soil and the water on top of potentially causing cancer. You should also use special RV toilet paper, which breaks down faster than regular paper. Also, if you're at an RV campsite, you can empty out your tanks every few days without needing cleaners.

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