4 Steps to Afford the RV Lifestyle

Aug 17, 2018 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
4 Steps to Afford the RV Lifestyle

4 Steps to Afford the RV Lifestyle

The RV lifestyle is often considered to be a dream and offers the chance to visit multiple destinations throughout the year. For those who enjoy seeing the sites and experiencing a high level of comfort, traveling in an RV can offer a high quality of life. If you want to afford the RV lifestyle, you can make your dream a reality by taking a few essential steps.

  • Find Different Ways to Save Money
    Most people need to save extra money to afford to live in an RV full-time and explore the country. You don't have to spend a significant amount of money to enjoy the RV lifestyle but can benefit by finding new ways to travel. Consider booking stays at RV parks or campgrounds that offer amenities that you'll use to ensure that you can get your money's worth. State parks are also known to be affordable and are ideal for extended stays.
    Preparing your own food throughout the week instead of eating out will limit how much you spend. Restricting impulse purchases on clothes, coffee, and electronics will also make the RV lifestyle possible by limiting what you buy throughout the year. Traveling at the posted speeds will also allow you to spend less money on fuel while spending time on the road.

  • Save an Emergency Fund
    You may also want to save $1,000 for an emergency fund that can be used at the last minute if a last-minute expense occurs. Having an emergency fund available will allow you to avoid getting into debt and can cover the costs, whether medical expenses or RV repairs are needed.

  • Earn Money While on the Go
    Consider earning extra money while spending time on the open road to ensure that you can afford to visit different sites throughout the U.S. Take advantage of the internet, which can allow you to telecommute and work out of the RV while your spouse drives. Many different part-time jobs are also available at campsites and campgrounds where you can obtain the funds for your upcoming travels.
    You can also earn extra cash by starting a blog, which will allow you to write content about your travels to share with the world. By allowing ads on your website, you can make money depending on the number of visitors that you have on the site.
    Photographing the different places that you visit can also allow you to own valuable images that can be sold online. You can photograph the trees at Yosemite National Park or the waterfalls at Yellowstone National Park. The pictures that you take can be a source of income to continue traveling and living in the RV.

  • Create a Budget
    Creating an RV budget will allow you to determine what you can afford and what you'll need to cut out of your lifestyle. RV budgets are different than typical budgets because there are unique expenses that you wouldn't necessarily have when living in a house. Fixed expenses to consider budgeting for include food, propane, campground fees, laundry, RV insurance, RV maintenance and repairs, Internet, health insurance, phone services, household items, clothing, fuel, and an RV payment if you have one. You may also need to budget for entertainment or the cost of activities that you want to participate in while traveling.

If you want to learn more about how to afford the RV lifestyle, contact our dealership to speak to one of our team members. You can explore our inventory and also learn about the different financing options that are available.