5 Best Healthy Snacks For Road Trips

Apr 19, 2018 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
5 Best Healthy Snacks For Road Trips

With all of the thrill of a road trip comes the inevitable snacking. Regardless of how much you and the family try to hold out for the next restaurant at the upcoming rest stop, you are bound to fall into the trap of boredom and subsequent eating out of sport instead of need. You need not feel ashamed to engage in such mindless activity. The majority, if not all, of individuals who travel by road trip, fall prey to such habit.

The trick to surviving the inevitable snacking on the highway is to bring food along that is healthy; that way you don’t have the guilt that often comes with finding any random place on the road that only offers greasy food for snacking. Here are five healthy snack alternatives to consider when you and the family are taking life by the horns with a road trip vacation.

  1. Snap Peas
    You want to bring along fruits and vegetables but do not want the mess that often accompanies such healthful snacks. Snap peas give you the satisfaction of knowing that you made the right decision regarding food without the mess that comes with other fruits and vegetables. You’ll also be happy to know that these treats do not stain the carpet if the kids drop them.

  2. Juice Smoothies
    Naked and Odwalla juice smoothies have become quite popular over the years because of their all-natural blends that do not require additional sugar. These and other healthy brands are the perfect options when you are in a rush to get out on the open road and cannot make fresh smoothies at home.

  3. Energy Bars
    Many people do not appreciate the power that is in an energy bar. These protein alternatives are not just for the health-conscious. One of these granola-based snacks can give you the strength you need to keep going. Energy bars are great options for those who do not care for the bitterness that is coffee.

  4. Fruit Snacks
    Some parents shy away from fruit snacks because they only think of the high fructose corn syrup that makes up many of the mainstream brands. There are, however, a few organic alternatives that make indulging in fruit snacks a guiltless activity. Trader Joe’s and other healthy food stores are an excellent source when you are searching for natural foods that the kids will enjoy.

  5. Juice Boxes
    There is no harm in having a juice box or two on the road. The idea, however, is to buy drinks that are tasteful and healthful. Juice with less sugar is the best option as is the beverage that has zero artificial colors and flavors. As with fruit snacks, organic is best.

There are numerous benefits to packing your snacks for road trips instead of spontaneously eating food from any convenience store that you find on the highway. Not only do you avoid unwanted calories when you plan, but you also eliminate the need for extra stops, which leads to you and the family getting to your destination sooner rather than later. So don’t avoid the urge to snack. Embrace the feeling with food carefully selected for the ride.

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