5 Safety Tips for Bringing Pets on RV Trips

Nov 26, 2019 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
5 Safety Tips for Bringing Pets on RV Trips

Rife with spontaneity, laughter, and excitement, RVing is beloved by many. RVing is so enjoyable that many bring their pets along for the ride. If you are gearing up for an RV trip with your furry friend, here are some safety tips to bear in mind to ensure that a good time is had by all.

Buckle Up

Allowing your pet to roam around is ill-advised. Not only can this be distracting to the driver, but it can be dangerous for your pet as well. While the RV is in motion, be sure that your pet can not move around. Many opt for a crate as it is the most comfortable option. If your animal is particularly antsy, dedicate an area of the RV to them, and put barriers up. The will have limited space to move around, but they will not be confined to a crate.

Obey The Rules Of The Road

Abiding by traffic laws is always sensible, but it is especially important when your pet is involved. Even if you are exceedingly confident in your driving skills, your pet could sustain a serious injury due to carelessness. While navigating the roads, be mindful of the laws that are in place.

Keep It Cool

Unlike human passengers, your pet can not tell you if they are getting too warm. The only surefire way to guarantee that they do not overheat is to keep the air conditioner on at all times. If you are keeping your pet in the car while you make a pit stop, keep the car running so that they do not suffocate.

Take Several Breaks

Your pet will likely grow very anxious while in the RV. After all, they do not know when you will reach your destination. To keep their stress levels in check, stop frequently. Giving them the chance to walk around, stretch their legs, and bask in the fresh air will make for an overall pleasant experience for all.

Bring Any Necessary Medications

If your pet is prone to allergies or has any ongoing health complications, do not forget to pack their medication. Even if the problem has subsided, it is wise to bring the medication along just in case. If an issue arises, you will find great comfort in knowing that you can remedy the situation promptly.

To learn more about how to keep your pet safe while on an RV trip, contact Reliable RV to speak with one of our professionals.