5 Ways To Get Your RV Ready For Camping Season

Apr 19, 2018 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
5 Ways To Get Your RV Ready For Camping Season

The camping season is when more people get use out of the RV in the search of adventure in the great outdoors. When you're planning an upcoming trip, you'll need to prep the vehicle to ensure that it can continue to run well on the open road. If you're getting ready for camping season, there are a few essential steps to take to prep the vehicle.

  1. Clean the Appliances

    Although many people focus on the exterior and internal components when getting their RV for upcoming camping trips, you'll also need to clean the appliances to ensure that they'll function well while you're away from home. Inspect everything for spider webs, dead insects, or critters and thoroughly clean the parts to ensure that everything is safe to use. Resort to using a compressor to blow air and remove dust that has settled in small crevices in the refrigerator or water heater.

  2. Test the Water Pipes

    Make it a point to test the water pipes and lines. The hot water heater bypass valve should also be in the normal setting, and all of the faucets need to be closed before you fill the RV with water. While filling it, turn on a hot and cold faucet to ensure all of the air that is in the pipes can be released. The faucets can then be disconnected and turned off before filling the tanks with fresh, clean water in the days leading up to when you depart.

  3. Prep the Generator

    Getting the generator ready can be one of the most challenging parts of prepping your RV and will need extra fuel if in the lines if it hasn't been used in a few seasons or years. Those who have a prime feature can prime the generator until the light turns on during the process. The pump can run for an average of 20 seconds for fuel to be delivered to the carburetor. Cranking the generator is necessary if a prime feature isn't included. Throughout the process of prepping the generator, you can also check the oil level and examine the air filter to determine if any nests are present.

  4. Examine the Awnings

    The awnings are a necessary component of RVs because they offer plenty of shade on excursions. Examine the material by looking for holes or tears that have developed. The spring tension also needs to be adjusted and if any of the parts have become detached. You may need to have a professional perform repairs if the awning does not extend or work properly once you test the mechanism.

  5. Tires

    The quality and condition of your tires will influence your fuel efficiency and will prevent having a flat or blown tire while driving hundreds of miles on your trip. Inspect the tires by using a quality tire inflation gauge and check the manufacturer’s recommendation for the psi to determine how much you need to adjust it. You'll also need to perform an inspection on the spare tire. Failing to prep the tires for your next trip can cause the tread to wear down at a faster rate and can lead to poor handling. Excessive heat build-up will also occur, which can eventually lead to tire failure, making it necessary to take a close look at each tire that is used.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can prepare your RV for the upcoming camping season, contact our dealership to learn more. We'll provide you with tips and can also show you around our large inventory of vehicles.

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