6 Tips for Saving Gas On Your Next RV Trip

Jun 26, 2018 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
6 Tips for Saving Gas On Your Next RV Trip

There's nothing better for a long road trip than having an RV to ride along in. While they are super convenient, riding in an RV usually costs a ton of gas money. In order to make sure the next big trip is a success, you should consider these six tips for saving gas in your RV:

Regular RV Maintenance

Following proper maintenance recommendations for the vehicle is one of the most effective ways to save money on gas. Committing to this strategy will have your RV running more efficiently and help you avoid wasting gas unnecessarily over the long haul. You can improve fuel economy and the lifespan of the RV by following the recommended service schedule described in the RV handbook. Changing the AC filters regularly may help improve fuel economy by up to 10 percent.

RV Maintenance Checklist

In addition to a regular maintenance schedule, you should also have a checklist of things that need to be done or checked before taking the RV on the road. The tires should always be inflated to the recommended level. Doing this can help improve fuel economy by up to 3 percent. To make sure the RV engine is running as efficiently as possible, always check the oil level before heading out on a trip.

Search for Better Gas Prices

Small differences in gas prices that are negligible for a sedan can amount to huge savings when riding in an RV. While many hybrid sedans average over 40 mpg, the most modern and efficient RVs average less than 10 mpg. In addition, the RV's gas tank can be around six times larger. Using an app like Gas Buddy to fill up at the cheapest gas stations along the route could save you hundreds of dollars.

Reducing the Weight on the RV

Every time you add 100 pounds to the RV, you reduce its fuel economy by 2 percent. Purchase heavier supplies at your destination whenever possible. Making a number of small changes to lighten the load can make add up to a big difference towards cutting total weight. The weight of the load is one of the biggest factors affecting the fuel economy of the RV, so avoid hauling trailers whenever possible.

Steady Driving in the RV

Maintaining a constant speed helps reduce how quickly the RV consumes fuel. Using cruise control on the highway and avoiding rough roads whenever possible also helps save gas. Avoid idling, speeding, using the accelerator or using the accelerator more than necessary to conserve fuel as well. If you're stationary for more than a few minutes, just turn the RV off. When you're driving scan ahead for potential hazards or situations that could cause you to oversteer or skid.

Reducing Other Drags on Fuel Economy

Turning off the air conditioning will also help increase fuel economy because it will reduce strain on the engine. Remove anything like boxes or roof-racks that could cause wind resistance and reduce fuel economy for the entire trip. The more streamlined the RV is, the more gas you'll save. This includes keeping the windows rolled up when traveling at highway speeds. Make sure the load is evenly balanced to help balance fuel economy as well.

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