Airstream Popularity Grows as RV Industry Surges

Jan 20, 2015 Tanisha Mitchell Comments Disabled
Airstream Popularity Grows as RV Industry Surges

Gas prices are at an all-time low, the job market has regained its composure and the RV industry is booming once again. These are just a few of the advantages people across the U.S. are finally seeing after the Great Recession hit our nation a mere eight years ago. Following a great decline in the RV market, business has finally gained momentum, reaching new heights, and no other brand is benefiting more than Airstream.

The initial rise of Airstream RVs first began when the company released its debut model in the 1930s. The brand’s riveted design and top-of-the-line craftsmanship drew in fans from all across the globe, and before you knew it, Airstream officially became an icon, appearing in movies and becoming the center of annual festivals throughout the U.S., such as the upcoming Alumaflamingo in Sarasota, Fla. However, when the Great Recession emerged in 2007, the manufacturer witnessed a steep drop in sales that put its growth at a halt. It took years for business to pick up, and in 2014, everything finally came together.

With the RV industry rising back up again, Airstream felt the effects and had one of its best Octobers last year in almost 40 years. Shipments were up more than 8 percent in 2014 and are now twice what they were before the Great Recession. They are expected to climb even higher this year, hopefully earning Airstream their fourth consecutive record year, and with the upcoming expansion of their Jackson Center, Ohio facility, it doesn’t look like it will be a problem.

Part of Airstream’s success can be attributed to the growing number of Baby Boomers buying RVs before retirement. Airstream’s retro styling is also a hit with today’s buyers seeking classic motorhomes. Due to its incredible fanbase, Airstream continues to make a name for itself in the RV industry, churning out 50 models a week to meet growing demands. If you want to experience the benefits of owning an Airstream for yourself, check out our selection of pre-owned and brand-new models at Reliable RV today.