An RV Built Using LEGOs Earns Guinness World Record Title

Nov 09, 2015 Tanisha Mitchell Comments Disabled
An RV Built Using LEGOs Earns Guinness World Record Title

A team of British constructors have successfully built a full-size, fully working RV out of none other than everyone’s favorite childhood building blocks: LEGOS! The stunning project, which looks like the spitting image of a real-life “teardrop” style RV, now holds the Guinness World Record title for “the largest caravan built with interlocking plastic bricks.”

It took over 12 weeks and 215,158 LEGO blocks to construct the RV, which measures in at 7 feet 3 inches tall and 11 feet 10 inches long. While that timeframe may seem excessive to some, all it takes is one look inside the RV to understand why the creation took some time to build. The team of 12 professional LEGO builders didn’t skimp on the details when constructing the RV, adding everything from a foldout bed and electric lights to a fridge, toothbrushes and a sink with running water. Addtional features include a LEGO-built coffee maker, frying pan and chess set, which you can view in the short video down below.

For those who want to see the LEGO RV up close and in person, a bit of traveling is required. The model is scheduled to go on display at ExCeL London from December 10-13, 2015.