Are There Speed Limits for RVs

Feb 27, 2019 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
Are There Speed Limits for RVs

Each state in the U.S. has its own set of rules when it comes to speed limits. If you are someone who owns an RV and loves to travel all over the country each year, you might want to make sure that you are aware of the different speed limits and rules in the states you will be traveling to. Speed limits can be tricky. You might be aware of a limit at one point during your travels, only to miss that the speed has decreased. You don???t want to get pulled over by the police, so make sure that you educate yourself as you are planning your route. Not to mention, it is incredibly important that you are driving your RV at a safe speed regardless of what the posted limit is.

Take into account the road conditions when you are driving your RV. While a speed limit may be posted at 50 miles per hour, if you are driving on icy roads, you may need to decrease your speed by half. Don???t go above what you feel comfortable with. Keep an eye out for your trailer swaying or sliding. If anything feels unstable despite your reduced speed, it might be time to pull over for the day and start again tomorrow.

The safest way to drive your RV is to abide by posted speed limits in each state. Preparing ahead of time is key. Some states will post a single speed limit, but there could be other speeds that large vehicles are supposed to follow. This could include your RV, a large truck, etc. If your RV is over 8,000 pounds or has more than two axles, it could be considered a truck. You would be required to follow truck speed limits in that state. You may also be required to stay on the right lane of a highway to allow for smaller vehicles to pass you.

Traveling with an RV isn???t about getting from point A to point B in as little amount of time as possible. You want to take a leisurely drive to take in all that our beautiful country has to offer. If you feel like driving at a slower speed will keep you and other drivers safe on the road, then go ahead and drive slower. Don???t rely on one piece of information to alert you of current speed limits. If you are using GPS software, it could be out of date. Keep your eyes open as you drive so you are always aware of the posted speed limits.