Celebrities with RVs

Jun 17, 2020 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
Celebrities with RVs


The RV world has taken many by storm, including A-list celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and Mariah Carey. From decorated singers to prestigious actors, RVs are for everyone. Here are some other Hollywood favorites that are proud RV owners.

Will Smith

A lavish RV if ever there was one, Will Smith's home on wheels is an impressive 1,200 square feet. Included with two stories, this beloved actor's recreational vehicle consists of a kitchen, dining room, steam shower, and a screening room, among other top-notch features.

Gwen Stefani

Having been on many tours, Gwen Stefani is no stranger to the RV life. However, it's unlikely that the motorhome she traveled in is similar to the one she currently owns. Complete with a wine chiller, marble flooring, and a Sleep Number bed, Stefani's RV is decked out.

Dolly Parton

The venerable Dolly Parton has been a lover of RVs for over five decades. Alongside her husband, she's taken many trips via her motorhome. Much like Dolly Parton herself, her RV outdoes itself. Dolly enjoys RVs so much that she spent a whopping $750,000 to customize one of her old tour buses.

John Mayer

Thanks to his successful music career, John Mayer can afford his elaborate RV. Though one of the more modest RVs on this list, Mayer's recreational vehicle is equipped with a kitchenette, storage units, and a sizable bathroom. With more than 600 pounds of torque, Mayer's RV is a beast.

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel loves his RV so much that he seldom goes anywhere without it. While filming "Fast Five," Diesel had his RV shipped to Puerto Rico. Given its $1.1 million value, it's no surprise that Diesel experiences separation anxiety.

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