How Do I Maintain My RVs Roof

May 08, 2018 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
How Do I Maintain My RVs Roof

There are numerous types of recreational vehicles that you and your family can use for camping and travel. While traveling or parking your motorhome or camper, you will want to maintain its roof so that it does not rust or become damaged. If your recreational vehicle has a damaged roof, then moisture and debris can leak through it, ruining the interior surfaces. Here are a few ways to maintain a recreational vehicle's roof at different times throughout the year.

  • Tip 1: Seal the Roof Seams Once a Year

    Buy a liquid substance to seal the seams on your recreational vehicle once a year. Manufacturers seal the seams of it before sending the items to dealers, but the material in the seams will loosen and degrade due to weather conditions such as rain and snow.

  • Tip 2: Wash the Vehicle's Roof Frequently

    It is essential to keep the roof of your recreational vehicle clean frequently to remove any debris that will erode the paint and metal. To wash a recreational vehicle, you may need to use an extension rod that is attached to a garden hose, or you can climb on a ladder to reach the roof.

  • Tip 3: Be Careful Where You Park

    If you want to keep your recreational vehicle’s roof in excellent condition, then choose where you park carefully. While parking underneath a shady tree might seem like a good idea, dripping tree sap or falling branches can damage the materials of a recreational vehicle’s roof.

  • Tip 4: Apply a Rubber Coating

    The application of a specialized rubber coating can protect your recreational vehicle’s roof from moisture damage. Make sure to use a type of rubber coating that is recommended by your recreational vehicle manufacturer. You may need to reapply this rubber coating every few years.

  • Tip 5: Remove Heavy Snow Quickly

    Don’t allow heavy snow to build upon your recreational vehicle’s roof because the weight of the substance can damage the metal, seams, and fasteners. Also, as the snow melts, the moisture will rust the metal on the roof of the recreational vehicle. Use a broom or particular device to dislodge the snow from the vehicle’s roof as quickly as possible.

  • Tip 6: Cover the Recreational Vehicle

    If you aren’t using your recreational vehicle for several weeks or months, then cover it with a waterproof tarp. You can find the correct size of cover at an automobile supply store, and you should also use straps or fasteners to keep it in place during windy weather.

  • Tip 7: Park Your Recreational Vehicle Inside a Building

    Rather than leaving your recreational vehicle outside all of the time, park it in a garage or barn. If you know that inclement weather such as a blizzard or hurricane is on the way, then rent a nearby storage unit so that you can protect the roof on your recreational vehicle.

  • Tip 8: Use a Large Canopy To Protect Your Recreational Vehicle

    While traveling or at home, you can protect your recreational vehicle from the damages of bright sunlight by using a large canopy. These devices are often made for portability so that you can set up the item at a campground. Using a large canopy can protect the paint on your recreational vehicle’s roof.

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