How RVers Can Quickly Set Up Camp

Feb 07, 2017 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
How RVers Can Quickly Set Up Camp

Many RVers are very friendly and helpful, so don’t be shocked if you land at your new campsite and your neighbor is there ready to help and offer tips about the area. It is common for RVers to build strong bonds with one another that can last a lifetime.

Whether you’re driving a large RV with a ton of amenities or a smaller one that comes with only the basics, every RVer should follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth transition at their new site.

When You First Arrive

At check-in, make sure to inquire about having a staff member guide you to your site and help you in getting leveled and parked. This will help save time and get you acquainted with the grounds faster.

After Getting to Your Site

You should know where your water, sewer and electrical hookups are located on your RV. When you’re parking, position your RV in a way that makes it easy to have access to the site’s hookups. Next, apply the parking brake if you have a motorhome. In most cases, the ground will be at least somewhat uneven, which is why you’ll need to level your RV. You can use blocks or stabilizing jacks if needed.

Make a Connection 

Having power in your RV is essential, so you’ll want to get it going right away. To do this, all you need to do is plug the electric shore power cord into the campsite receptacle that coincides with the amperage requirement of your RV. When you’re plugged in, switch your refrigerator to the AC setting. This will draw on electricity instead of your propane.

Supplying Water to Your RV

To get started, connect your white portable RV drinking hose to the tank on the side of your RV – make sure the connection is tight to avoid leaks. From there, you just need to run the other end to the water supply.

By following these suggestions, you and your family will be on your way toward a fun-filled getaway in no time!