How to Sanitize Your RV's Freshwater System

Sep 30, 2020 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
How to Sanitize Your RV's Freshwater System



To sanitize the water system in your RV, you should follow certain protocols and guidelines to make sure the water is clean, healthy, and safe. No matter how often you use the water in your RV, experts recommend flushing out the system at least once every six months. While it may sound like a chore, keeping the water in your RV sanitized is quite simple.

To begin, start by draining the water heater. This will require going to the outside compartment where the water heater is placed. Look for the drain plug, which is usually on the lower left corner. Then, remove the plug to open the pressure relief valve on top of the water heater. The next step is locating the low point water line drains. There will be one for the hot water line and one for the cold water line. When you find the lines, open them to let the water drain out. Then you can turn on the water pump to force out any remaining water. Make sure that the pump stops running after you drain all the water out. After removing all the water, you'll want to close the drains. Completing this step means you've removed most of the water from the system.

The next process is sanitizing. Sanitizing the system involves using a simple solution of bleach and water. Specifically, you'll want to use a quarter cup of bleach for every 15 gallons of water in your RV's freshwater tank. Fill the water tank with new, freshwater until it is almost full. Then turn the pump on and open all the faucets, hot and cold. Run the water until you smell bleach at the hot and cold faucets. Finally, close the faucets. If you can, drive the RV or get the trailer going so that water moves around to clean the whole tank. Let the water sit for at least 12 hours, and then repeat the process by draining the system and refilling it with fresh water. Open the faucets to let the water run out until you don't smell bleach any longer. You may need to repeat the process several times until you don't smell any bleach. Once that happens, you will know that it is safe to use the water system in your RV once again.

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