Millennials Embrace RVing Like Never Before

Jun 30, 2021 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
Millennials Embrace RVing Like Never Before



Millennials are embracing the RVing lifestyle like never before. The thought of hitting the road, exploring America, and being free never seemed so good. Traditionally found in national parks and hiking in the mountains with backpacks, millennials discovered the comfort and freedom of an RV. Traveling to wherever they desired if there was a road, and more often than not decent wifi, all in comfort, made the backpacking lifestyle less attractive.

Millennials are a significant group of travelers, with their age group of 18-34 representing about 30% of the population, and are hard to classify as an RV group. They may come from a rural area or leave city life to pursue freedom. And cutting strings for them may not be purchasing an RV but renting one. Renting an RV has proven to be attractive, instead of investing in an RV, rent one for the next music festival and have strong wifi to update their blogs and Facebook pages.

An RV's easy access to technology provides many millennials the ability to earn a living working remotely. Today's society, due to a variety of reasons, participates more often in remote working. Many millennials have the desire to have the freedom to explore America before settling down and starting a family, and an RV is the perfect answer.

The millennial influence is even being felt in the RV industry. It is becoming apparent the millennial market is becoming focused more on lighter and smaller units. In addition, even campgrounds are recognizing the fact millennials embracing RV's has brought campground socializing to a new level. Recent studies found traditional mature RVers averaged 4.6 in a group, baby boomers averaged 7.9, and millennials at 10.7.

Today's RV's come in a variety of sizes, models, types, and even colors. There is an RV for your requirements, whether the millennial needs extra sleeping quarters with bunk beds, or an outside patio for a festival, and even a fireplace camping on cold nights.

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