More Millennials Looking to Purchase RVs

Feb 05, 2016 Tanisha Mitchell Comments Disabled
More Millennials Looking to Purchase RVs

Baby boomers once made up a large portion of the RV community, but as Millennials, a group of young adults born in the 80s and 90s, begin to settle down and raise children, more and more are considering purchasing an RV. The generation’s interest in exploring the outdoors and camping continues to rise, which is spawning a whole new group of RVer’s across the U.S.

In a recent study conducted by Kampgrounds of America, it was found that more millennials are looking to buy RVs in the future than baby boomers. A whopping 60 percent of millennials said they plan on camping often in the coming years, while 40 percent of baby boomers said the same. With many baby boomers nearing retirement and Millennials now making up the biggest percentage of the workface, it’s easy to see why young adults are beginning to join the RV community. More Millennials now have the means to purchase a starter motorhome and will soon account for most RV sales.

While at first, many Millennials are likely to buy low-priced RVs, there’s a good chance they’ll return to upgrade their motorhome in a couple years. Due to their technology-driven generation, they’re also likely to want an RV with flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi capabilities and charging ports for electronic devices. Fuel efficiency will also be taken into heavy consideration and could even make or break a sale.

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