Refurbished Airstreams Used for Educational Purposes

Jul 21, 2015 Tanisha Mitchell Comments Disabled
Refurbished Airstreams Used for Educational Purposes

Airstream trailers have long been considered special members of the RV family and over the years many fans of the brand have discovered new ways to make use of the trailers other than using them strictly for traveling. Refurbishing old Airstreams is a trend that has been steadily catching on across the country and several schools and organizations have even jumped on board, developing mobile educational spaces. Out of all the renovated Airstreams that have been brought to our attention in recent months, there are a few unique ones that stand out above the rest. We’ve decided to share our favorite ones with you to give you an idea of how people are making the most of their Airstream trailers.

Recording Studio - New York Lower East Side Girls Club

New York’s Lower East Side Girls Club recently repurposed a 1958 Airstream, turning it into a recording studio for their Internet Radio Station and Recording Arts Program. Complete with a live room where students can record instruments, vocals and their radio show, the Airstream is a great addition to the program and provides several benefits for teens interested in learning about broadcasting.

Classroom - Kansas University MoCOLAB

Dubbed a “classroom on wheels,” Kansas University’s MoCOLAB is a 1972 Airstream Land Yacht designed to assist faculty and staff members who are committed to solving community issues. Created with versatility in mind, the room can serve as a classroom, conference room, dining area, art gallery and science lab, if needed. It also has electrical setups inside and outside, which allow for video and audio presentations.

Teacher’s Lounge - Ann Richard’s School For Young Leaders

When teachers at Ann Richard’s School for Young Leaders in Austin, Texas, decided to give up their lounge area to the custodians, students came together to present them with a new space in the form of a 1977 Airstream. Known as Project Ventures, the students worked on renovating the Airstream for over a year, ripping up old floor panels and painting walls. They also fitted it with solar panels and used nearly 75 percent green materials to get it up to code and looking better than ever.