Spring 2022 RV Maintenance Tips

Mar 22, 2022 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
Spring 2022 RV Maintenance Tips


Spring cleaning is an excellent time to catch up on maintenance with your RV. Because you will be living in this vehicle and driving it on adventures, it's important to make sure everything is working well. Here are a few tips for keeping up with maintenance.

Check Your Wheel Lug Nuts

It's a good idea to tighten the wheel lug nuts before going on just about any trip in an RV, but it's certainly important to do so for every season. These nuts can loosen throughout just about any journey. You should also check the wheel pressure.

Take a Look at the Water Systems

If you want water when you need it, you have to take care of it for your wastewater system to work. This means treating the gray and black water systems with the right chemicals and flushing them out. Otherwise, you will be in danger of getting clogs.

Keep Batteries Optimal

Dead batteries are a great way to ruin trips. Some batteries have levels you have to check, while others may need less maintenance. Ideally, you should check to make sure you have a full charge at all times. It only takes three years for some Rvs to start losing capacity.

Make That Roof Tight

You need to check the seams and seals on the roof. Leaks make for a less than fun road trip experience. Many people say that you should check this once every three months. These leaks could happen in the AC unit, skylights, vents, and other places besides the roof as well. Check to make sure you're using the right sealant for your situation, and then make sure that everything is sealed tight.

Check Out RV Brakes

For vehicles that are as big as RVs, it's particularly important to make sure the brakes work and that you can stop when you want to do so. This includes maintenance for wheel bearings as well as the brake pads.


You should check to make sure your fuel, air, coolant, and hydraulic filters are all optimal, and if they aren't, you need to replace them.

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