Take a Look at the Ugliest RV in Richmond

Oct 07, 2014 Tanisha Mitchell Comments Disabled
Take a Look at the Ugliest RV in Richmond

RVs come in all shapes and sizes, but not all variants are pleasing to the eye. For instance, just take a look at the above picture of a lime green 1983 Fleetwood Southwind and see what adjectives first pop into your head. We’re sure “pretty” will not be one of them, which is exactly why this unique motorhome recently took first prize in an Ugly RV Contest, held by an RV dealership in Richmond, Ind. Playfully named “The Pickle,” this RV may be a sore sight, but it carries a lot of personality and earned its owners, a father/son duo Jim Thompson Jr. and James III, a $1,000 check - not a bad prize for an ugly duckling.

The funny part about the Pickle’s Ugly RV Contest win is the fact that it almost didn’t even happen. As a part of the official contest, participants were asked to upload a photo to the RV dealership’s website in order to qualify, but by the time Jim Thompson had heard about the contest, there was no time. Instead, he brought the RV down to the dealership for all to see. It was there that it was met with immediate praise, securing its win among the rest.

Acquired by the Thompson’s three years ago after James’ RV broke down in Kentucky, the Pickle has become a valued member of the Thompson family. Since they took it under their wings, they’ve outfitted it with plexiglass when the windshield broke, plywood when the dashboard cracked and a wall AC unit when the air conditioner went out. The green paint job was even completed after the duo got a hold of the RV, which gives it a distinct look. Jim’s neighbors don’t particularly care for the color, but that hasn’t persuaded him to change it anytime soon – the Pickle continues to live on.