The Benefits of RV Tailgating

Nov 06, 2014 Tanisha Mitchell Comments Disabled
The Benefits of RV Tailgating

For years truck tailgating has been all the rage, but with more people looking to improve the tailgating experience, RVs are quickly becoming perfect tailgating vehicles. Their incredible space and top-notch standard features have encouraged many to ditch their trucks in exchange for a glorious lavish models. With this in mind, we’ve created a list of the top benefits of RV tailgating, and we hope our insight will give you a clearer view of its incredible advantages.


When tailgating via an RV, you can easily pack a few essentials you need for that day and then head out to the stadium. Due to its size and range of features, you’re likely to have most of the basics already, so gearing up for the event will be a cinch.


Packing up your truck for a friendly tailgate can be a headache due to storage restrictions. In an RV, this is less of a problem, considering most of today’s motorhomes feature extensive space and compartments. Many RVs also have living areas equipped with a TV and ample room for visitors. This allows tailgaters to watch the game from the comfort of their motorhome and still enjoy the company of others.

Unpredictable Weather

During football season, you never know if you’re going to be graced with warm, sunny weather or heavy downpours. If the latter occurs and you’re tailgating with a truck, it could ruin your entire tailgating experience; however, if you have an RV, there’s no need to worry. The average motorhome is available with awnings, which are great for keeping you shielded from the rain. Automatic slide-outs within the RV can also increase cabin space, providing additional room for you and fellow tailgaters.


RVs have greatly evolved over the years and are now frequently associated with luxury. First-class amenities such as storage, a bathroom, kitchen, microwave and full-size bedroom can be found in most of the motorhomes currently on the market. Additionally, many tailgaters customize their RVs, fitting a grill, large TVs and even a built-in bar on the back of the motorhome. These modifications enhance tailgating for all, taking the hobby to the next level.