The Creation of the Airstream Hurricane Power Test

Feb 19, 2015 Tanisha Mitchell Comments Disabled
The Creation of the Airstream Hurricane Power Test

Airstream is a company that has always taken a lot of pride in their products. Due to their commitment to excellence, they are globally known for developing high-quality aluminum trailers and have garnered a loyal following because of it. The company, which first began in the 1920s, has had years to perfect their craft, and have put many systems into place to ensure their trailers are resilient and reliable. The hurricane power test was one of the first processes utilized to check each Airstream for areas needing improvement and it’s still actively used today at the company’s Jackson Center, OH, facility.

When Wally Byam first began creating Airstream trailers he did everything he could to improve their quality. He tested them in a variety of conditions to see how well they held up and pinpointed specific parts of the trailers that needed to be revised in order to maintain top-notch quality. In the 1960’s, when Harold Moody signed on to become the Director of Manufacturing, he proposed the company build a new water check station, which would emulate hurricane rains, in order to evaluate each trailer for leaks before it hit the market.

Known as the hurricane power test, the station was developed and used regularly to check new Airstreams. To proceed with the process, the exterior of each of Airstream was put together, black seam tape was used between the pieces of aluminum, sealant was placed on the seams and roof openings, and the vents, lights and outlets were fitted with gaskets. Windows and doors were then installed on the trailer and mastic sealing was used to coat the interior. Following this step, the trailer was then drenched in water for a minimum of 20 minutes to test for leaks. If any were found, they were resealed immediately before the trailer was pushed to the next spot on the assembly line.

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