What do the Classes Mean The ABCs of RVing

Nov 29, 2018 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
What do the Classes Mean The ABCs of RVing

What do the Classes Mean?

The recreational vehicle RV is often sought out by those who enjoy being road warriors. Still, the average person does not know the difference between the categories. What is a Class A RV and how does it compare to Class B and Class C motorhomes? Keep reading to learn the differences between the RV categories.

Class A

The Class A RV is the largest among the choices. This vehicle is also typically the most luxurious with various amenities that you may not get from either a Class B or Class C motorhome. A full kitchen and a spacious sleeping area are standard with a Class A RV. You can expect to sleep up to eight people in these vehicles that take on the form of charter buses. One of many perks associated with the Class A RV is the ease of driving. You do not need additional credentials to operate this vehicle, thanks to new technologies that make steering easier on the road.

Class B

The Class B RV is the smallest among the three categories of fully enclosed motorhomes. Amenities for this class may include a mini refrigerator as well as a heating unit and cooking facilities for basic culinary needs. There is also adequate space for sleeping in a Class B RV. The living area, however, may be limited. A Class B motorhome can sleep up to four people with its van-like structure.

Class C

It is safe to consider the Class C motorhome as the mini version of the more luxurious Class A RV. This vehicle, also referred to as campervans, is usually anywhere from 20 to 31 feet in length and equipped with the same amenities as the Class A motorhome. You can expect to get a semi-full kitchen along with a self-contained toilet coupled with other knick-knacks. As with the Class A RV, a Class C motorhome can sleep up to eight people and comes with adequate living space.

No matter which class you prefer, an RV is the ideal way to take control of the road. Get your ride today! If you have more questions about RV class features, call or come into our dealership in Springfield.