What You Need to Know to Stay Safe During COVID19

Apr 15, 2020 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
What You Need to Know to Stay Safe During COVID19

RVs and COVID-19: What is Better to Have and Not Need?

When thinking about traveling in a recreational vehicle, one usually eliminates excess supplies, intending to resupply along the way anywhere in the USA with ease. Coronavirus has changed what is normal and accessible for us all, especially the RV traveler.

You can be grateful that there is no hoarding of RV toilet paper since the regular household kind is not used in RVs. You must be aware, though, of any other RV-specific necessities and carry them with you.

Making sure your unit is well-stocked during a pandemic demands more foresight than ever. Although you may love to grill or cookout, you may need to have a backup plan so you can feed everybody on board for three to four days without cooking. Having drink mixes and water, and Meals Ready-to-Eat MRE style food kits is one option. Of course, be sure to dispose of the waste these necessary measures generate properly.

For now, set aside thoughts of being completely unreachable as you travel this season. You may need to reach out for directions because of road or site closures. You may need- or be able to give- aid on how to navigate an evacuation order from your site on short notice. Staying up-to-date on CDC guidelines, your personal needs and medications, and logistical options will make your trip smoother.

Learn how to use all your communication equipment to ensure that you have some signal strength no matter where you are before you pull out on your adventure. Knowing what to add to enhance your batteries of various types for more extended periods than you normally would also is just as important.

Where to mount or store additional equipment will be determined by the storage layout of your RV, not just its floor plan. Items that are crucial to staying connected should be on board, installed, and tested. You want to be on the advantageous side of "better to have and not need than to need and not have."

Beyond the logistics of survival is recreation. Consider taking along lightweight items such as old-fashioned frisbees, softballs or a can of tennis balls. These require little storage space and just enough open area to be usable in case you cannot pull out the bikes.

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