Worlds First CarbonFiber RV Exudes Luxury

May 05, 2014 Tanisha Mitchell Comments Disabled
Worlds First CarbonFiber RV Exudes Luxury

The RV world as we know it is about to see a major shift in a good way and it’s all thanks to newly founded company Global Caravan Technologies. Launched during the summer of 2013, GCT has made it their mission to revolutionize the RV market, and to do that, they have created the world’s first-ever carbon-fiber tow-behind RV, which they call CR-1. Built without the use of nuts or bolts, the RV sits among the toughest in the industry, and when it goes into production, it will weigh half the average amount of other trailers in its class, making it much more fuel-efficient. In addition to these noteworthy benefits, the RV also dons a number of luxurious features, which will have buyers believing carbon-fiber trailers are the way to go.

Created through a partnership with Dallara, a company known for its racecars, the CR-1 is a high-end trailer that knows a thing or two about upscale mobile living. Almost every feature within the trailer can be controlled using a phone or laptop and its interior materials are top of the line. The ceiling and walls are draped in premium leather, and hints of carbon fiber are exposed throughout the trailer, complementing the leather. A custom leather sofa and L-shape seating area also sit within the entertainment lounge, and provide enough space for up to eight passengers.

Cooking within the CR-1 is made easy due to large countertop space. Kohler sinks and faucets are present throughout the trailer and first-class hardware generates an in-home feel. The walk-through master bath suite is just as high-end and features a custom shower, designer tiles, a separate, enclosed toilet area, a huge linen cabinet and an available washer/dryer. Finishing off the CR-1’s luxurious features, the master bedroom comes with residential carpeting, leather upholstery, a carbon fiber bed frame, three wardrobes, two dressers and an optional glass ceiling.

Beautiful, lavish and groundbreaking, the carbon-fiber CR-1 is not expected to go on sale to the general public until early 2015. However, you can view a variety of available upscale RVs now at Reliable RV.