10 RV Winter Destinations

Oct 21, 2020 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
10 RV Winter Destinations

Winter can be a great time to take your vacation, and if you have an RV, that could add to the fun factor. With winter quickly approaching, now is the time to start planning your upcoming trip. Get ready to ride and head to some of the most beautiful destinations in the U.S. all in the comfort of your RV! Here are ten of the best RV winter destinations to consider.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando has a lot to offer when it comes to culture, shopping, entertainment, and natural beauty. Not to mention, the temperatures will be far warmer in Florida than in northern locations. RV parks are abundant throughout Florida, so it will be easy to figure out where you want to stay.

St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine is beautiful and warm like Orlando, but as America’s oldest city, history would feature prominently on this trip. It also has some of the most beautiful beaches in the south.

Key West, Florida

Key West is an excellent area to visit if you want to stay awhile. There are plenty of locals that you can socialize with to find out what the best activities are. This includes things like animal encounters, boat tours, and some great restaurants.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is a very popular location for snowbirds that are looking to escape the winter up north. With one of the biggest and best airports in the U.S., you can even host some of your family and friends while you’re in the area.

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson is a bit more rural than Phoenix, and Saguaro National Park is a great place to explore nature. There are several other state parks to consider, as well.

Charleston, South Carolina

There’s nothing like southern charm, and there’s plenty of it in Charleston, South Carolina. Historical plantations and plenty of cuisines to try will keep you busy for days.

Bisbee, Arizona

If you’re looking for something a little more rustic and quiet, Bisbee provides the feel of an old mining town with a beautiful community built into the hills.

Galveston, Texas

Thirty-two miles of beaches, a boardwalk, and jazz music throughout the year downtown makes Galveston a great place to take your RV in the winter months.

Merida, Mexico

If you’re feeling brave and want to head across the border, Merida, Mexico, has a rich Colonial history with countless museums and restaurants.

South Padre Island, Texas

This is a preferred location for RV travelers thanks to many beaches, fishing, and golf courses that function throughout the year.

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