5 RV Issues and How to Fix Them

Jan 26, 2021 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
5 RV Issues and How to Fix Them

When you own an RV, you may enjoy spending many hours on the road exploring different parts of the U.S. Due to how much use you get out of the vehicle, it’s prone to developing issues at times as wear occurs. If you want to keep your RV in top shape, there are a few issues to be aware of and how to fix them to ensure you can continue to plan more upcoming trips.

1. Busted Water Line

During the colder months of the year, broken water lines can occur because of the low temperatures. The tank should be emptied before you store it away for the winter season ahead to prevent any leftover water from freezing. Adding anti-freeze to the camper water lines is also helpful for avoiding a busted water line.

2. Dirt in the RV

When spending time in the great outdoors, it’s normal for a lot of sand and dirt to be dragged into the vehicle. Whether you’re playing in the dunes or are in a forest, it’s important to make a rule that everyone must remove their shoes before they enter the RV. A bucket of water can also sit at the RV entrance to ensure everyone washes off their feet before heading into the vehicle. It’s also essential to have a stick vacuum in the RV to remove any dirt from the floor and other surfaces.

3. A Blown Tire

Blown tires can be avoidable if you make it a point to check the tire pressure before each trip. If a blown tire occurs, it’s crucial to have a spare tire available in the RV to ensure you can replace the tire and continue on your way.

4. Toilet Issues

Bathroom issues can be challenging to handle and unsanitary when you’re in the middle of nowhere. You’ll need to be intentional about keeping the inside of the toilet clean of any build-up, including toilet paper and excess waste. Replace the rubber seal on the large valve. You may also need to replace the water valve.

5. Failed Batteries

Monitor your fluid levels and pack a gallon of distilled water to prepare for battery failure. You may also want to have a spare battery on hand if it fails to charge when plugging it into AC power.

Contact or visit our dealership if you want to learn more about resolving issues that might develop while using your RV. Our team will provide you with more information.

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