5 Things to Know About RVs

5 Things to Know About RVs

Aug 28, 2019 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
5 Things to Know About RVs

Beloved for their spacious interior and longevity, RVs are growing increasingly popular in the auto industry. If you’re considering buying an RV and want to learn more about this increasingly popular way to travel and experience the outdoors, here are some enlightening insights.

Check The Tires

Not all RVs come with new tires. Given the massive build of these vehicles, RV tires are more prone to wear and tear. With that said, it’s critical to check the expiration date on the wheels before taking your RV out on the road.

Purchase The Proper Tools

RVs require more upkeep than standard cars. The most important tool to have at your disposal is a wrench set. You’ll need a wrench for each bolt on your rig, so the more extensive the set is, the better. Some additional instruments that’ll come in handy include leveling blocks, a collapsible wagon, and a two-way radio.

Ditch The Need For Speed

RVs aren’t designed for high-speed chasing. If you’re a speedy driver, practice driving at the speed limit. Driving over the limit will put both yourself and others in grave danger.

Familiarize Yourself With The Measurements

While on the road, knowing the height and length of your RV will be useful. Going under bridges and through toll booths will prove stress-inducing if you’re unsure of the measurements.


RV drivers get special treatment when it comes to parking lot sleeping. This practice is known as boondocking. Places that offer overflow parking allow RVs to set up camp for the night and resume driving in the morning.

If you’re looking for more detailed information on RVs, contact us at Reliable RV. With our expertise, you’ll be an RV aficionado before you know it.

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