5 Tips to Help Decide Between an RV and a Tiny House

5 Tips to Help Decide Between an RV and a Tiny House

Feb 15, 2018 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
5 Tips to Help Decide Between an RV and a Tiny House

RV vs Tiny House: Which is Better?

While the tiny house movement has been a trend over the past few years, RV enthusiasts know that a mobile home has provided a small-space living for generations. If you are weighing the pros and cons of a tiny house and an RV, keep these five factors in mind.

1. Mobility

Tiny houses are about the same size as RVs, but they are designed to stay put. RVs, on the other hand, are made from lightweight, aerodynamic materials and meant to be driven, which makes this the ideal option for those streamlining their lifestyles to travel and explore. Even though some tiny homes are on wheels, they are not designed for regular movement.

2. Diversity

With several distinct RV classes, this type of small-space living can be configured to any lifestyle. Whether you are interested in a Class A tour-bus-style vehicle with a full kitchen and bathroom, a cozy Class B sleeper van, a large affordable Class C version, or a pop-up travel trailer that you can tow behind your existing vehicle. RVs offer a wide-selection for any customer to enjoy.

3. Flexibility

When it comes to plumbing and sewage, a tiny house must be hooked up to a water source and sewer for these systems to work. RVs have separate holding tanks for clear, grey, and black water, so it’s possible to set up anywhere without having water and sewer lines available.

4. Sustainability

RVs offer a more eco-friendly housing solution because you’re living in an existing vehicle rather than building a brand-new tiny house. This is especially true if you purchase a pre-owned motorhome, which can be renovated using salvaged materials.

5. Camper

Although the actual cost varies by model, an RV is typically less expensive than a tiny house of a similar size.

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