5 Tips While Social Distancing During COVID19 Pandemic

5 Tips While Social Distancing During COVID19 Pandemic

Mar 31, 2020 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
5 Tips While Social Distancing During COVID19 Pandemic

People all across America are faced with the need to distance themselves socially. Stuck at home, and without their usual social outlets, life can seem scary to many. Fortunately, you can make the most of this situation by following the five tips below.

Learn Something New

This can be a very good time for you to learn something new. Pick up a solo hobby, spend some time reading books, or take an online class – if you can’t leave the house, you can still improve yourself. While you absolutely don’t have to be productive while social distancing, it can help to occupy your mind.

Stay Active

Social distancing doesn’t mean that you have to stay still. You can still exercise in your home, ride your bike, go for runs, or even hike. It’s important to remember that you should still maintain a safe distance from others during this time, but you can give yourself a bit of relief from the indoors by allowing yourself to work out.

Set Goals

Another good way to make it through social distancing is to give yourself goals every day. These might be related to work for some, but they might just be personal goals for others. Think about something that you’ve always wanted the time to do but that you’ve never quite done before. Whether this means writing a novel, painting a bedroom, or just finally getting around to reading the books on your shelves, setting goals allows you to feel like you’re not trapped.

Reach Out Online

While physical distance is important, you can still keep up with others socially. Use the internet to keep up to date with your friends and family when you can. If you are alone – or if you know someone who is – make it a point to check-in through a video chat app once every few days. Merely seeing and hearing other people can do you a lot of good when you’re otherwise unable to maintain the kind of contact you usually have.

Turn Off the News!

Finally, make sure to turn off the news. This isn’t to say that staying informed is unimportant, but you mustn’t obsess. Things can be scary, but you owe it to yourself to have some perspective. Check the news to get the information you need, but don’t make it a major part of the day. Figure out how things impact your life and then turn your attention to those things that you can control.

Social distancing might be, though, but these five tips can help you to get through the process. Making it through this time requires a little extra effort, but it can be done.



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