About The Victim Center in Springfield

Mar 31, 2021 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
About The Victim Center in Springfield

Located in Springfield, The Victim Center offers assistance to those who have been physically or sexually abused at no charge to the victim. The center is available 24 hours a day if an emergency arises. Counseling is offered on individual and group levels depending on the victim’s experiences and comfort level.

Prevention tips are presented in the community and at schools by members of the center. Information provided includes ways to recognize signs of abuse and what to do if they have been abused. The center helps children whose parents have abused, people who have been robbed, those who have been kidnapped, and people who are victims of stalking. The center also offers help for those who are victims of DWI incidents and traumatic situations.

The center’s goal is to create a community where violence doesn’t exist or where there is a low rate of violence. The center works to keep community members as safe as possible by providing resources to protect themselves and their family members. Initially, the center was known as the Rape Crisis Center when it opened in 1976 before changing its name as it wanted to reach more people than just those impacted by rape. Along with Springfield, the center works with victims located in the southwestern areas of Missouri. Learn more by visiting their website.

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