All New Airstream RV Heritage Museum Grand Opening in Ohio

Jun 22, 2022 Randy Lancaster
All New Airstream RV Heritage Museum Grand Opening in Ohio

Recently it was announced that there would be an all-new Airstream heritage museum. Its grand opening will allow for displaying 90 years of hand-built vehicles.

Airstream Trailers

The company Airstream has been making hand-built trailers for a decade short of a century now, and it’s just opened its heritage center in Ohio. The company and its fans call this place the “mothership.” The museum showcases Airstreams and artifacts related to their production throughout history.

Airstream has actually been looking for a way to show off their vehicles for a while now, and the new Heritage Center is a way that they can do this. This museum includes mementos, journals, vintage models, films, and more that show how these vehicles have become a symbol for America in some areas.

Examples of what they have in the museum include the 1938 Clipper, which was created in 1938. This was made of aluminum, and it was easy to customize. The one on display has a wooden interior with the stainless steel galley and wallpaper from the bathroom that some people have described as “gnarly.”

Another example is the 1948 Wee Wind. This is a small 16-foot camper and is one of the rarest Airstreams ever made. The one that is on display is called Ruby. It still retains original paint and features like wood cabinetry and the steel galley.

Gold Africa Airstream

The is another example in the museum. It was made in 1959 as a man named Byam led a group from Cape Town to Cairo in Egypt in order to come up with the inspiration for this vehicle. It was one of the first test options to be able to be fully self-contained as well as maximized for two people living there.

Another famous one at the museum is Wally’s White Airstream which was based on how a man named Wally painted it to match his Cadillac while he was traveling. They put period-specific stuff inside of it like a typewriter, an old radio, and even a Solex Moped.

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