Best Ways to Watch TV in an RV

Best Ways to Watch TV in an RV

May 23, 2016 Tanisha Mitchell Comments Disabled
Best Ways to Watch TV in an RV

It’s hard to give up the finer things in life while you’re RVing, but thanks to the evolution of technology, you don’t have to. Back in the day, it was practically impossible to watch TV while traveling across the country via motorhome, but nowadays there are several different options for RV-goers to choose from. Take a look at a few of them below and decide which one works best for you!

Over-the-air TV

If you’re the type of RVer that wants to enjoy TV while on-the-go but doesn’t want to pay big bucks for cable or satellite, we suggest buying an HDTV antenna. Available in most stores, including Wal-Mart and Target, TV antennas can be purchased for a low price and provide you with over-the-air channels. From basic channels, such as CBS and ABC, to a variety of sub channels, you’ll have plenty of great entertainment options while cruising the open road.

Cable TV

Most RVs these days come complete with a cable input, allowing travelers to obtain cable TV right in their motorhome. By acquiring a cable box, you’ll be able to gain access to anywhere from 20 to 40 cable channels and, depending on where you’re traveling, you may even snag a few high-definition signals. If you’re in the market for a new RV and want to find one that’s fit for cable TV, view our selection at Reliable RV. We have several to choose from!

Satellite TV

For satellite TV in the U.S., Dish Network and DirecTV are your only choices. They each have separate benefits, which is why it is best to choose the one the best suites your needs. With Dish Network, you can utilize a dome covered antenna to obtain standard and hi-def channels, while DirecTV requires an open-style satellite dish for hi-def. However, DirecTV offers exclusive sports packages, including NFL Sunday Ticket, which Dish Network doesn’t offer. In addition to choosing a satellite provider, you’ll also need to purchase a satellite dish to hook up to your RV. Winegard and King are both popular suppliers and offer a wide range of dishes to select from, including detachable options, which will accommodate your needs.

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