Do I Need a Special License to Drive an RV?

Do I Need a Special License to Drive an RV?

Aug 05, 2020 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
Do I Need a Special License to Drive an RV?


An RV is a specialized vehicle that is much heavier and more complex than a regular car or truck. Since you’re carrying extra weight on the road, you may need another license to prove that you can handle the load. Every state has different rules for owning and operating a motorhome. Learn more about the general guidelines for driving this type of vehicle.

Texas, Wyoming and Other States

RV owners in Texas and other states need a Class A or B non-commercial driver’s license if the vehicle weighs more than 26,000 pounds. In Illinois, a non-commercial class B license is required to operate a motorhome over 16,000 pounds. This weight is based on the gross vehicle weight rating GVWR, which is the maximum limit according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Additional states that require a non-commercial license include:

  • Kansas
  • North Carolina
  • Nevada
  • Pennsylvania
  • Maryland

Commercial Driver’s License

Having a commercial driver’s license CDL is not required to operate a motorhome unless used for commercial purposes. Only someone who drives a motorhome to earn a living has to meet this requirement. However, in Hawaii and Washington D.C., it’s necessary to obtain a CDL if the motorhome exceeds 26,000 pounds. In Indiana and Wisconsin, a CDL is required if the vehicle is longer than 45 feet.

Every state has different licensing requirements for driving an RV. In many states, a license is not required for most models unless they weigh 26,000 or more. Reliable RV providers can help you find the perfect RV for your next road trip or camping excursion. Once you know the laws and rules that pertain to your state, look over our great selection of new inventory. Contact us or visit our dealership in Springfield, MO, for a closer look at our RVs. We’re always happy to help find your new adventure!

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