Family Games to Play While on the Road

Family Games to Play While on the Road

Jun 07, 2016 Tanisha Mitchell Comments Disabled
Family Games to Play While on the Road

Cross-country trips can be exciting for the entire family, but sometimes the open road can get a little boring and you may need to kick things up a notch. This usually includes adding a few fun travel games into the mix that will keep the kids entertained and we have the perfect selection for you to choose from!

I Spy

One of the most popular games to play with your kids while traveling is “I Spy.” The concept of the game is to have one person describe something they see nearby without saying exactly what it is and have everyone in the car try to guess. This is a great way to spot interesting, new things while traveling and to visually explore different places.

The License Plate Game

An oldie but a goodie, the “License Plate Game” is fun for kids of all ages. The goal is to try to spot as many different out-of-state license plates as you can in order to win the competition. To make it a bit more fun, you can even give out a prize to the big winner.

Name That Tune

If you’re a family that loves music, “Name That Time” is the perfect game for you. To play, someone chooses a song and everyone in the car has to guess what it is following a 10-second snippet. Bonus points can be awarded if you can also guess the correct artist!

Alphabet Game

The key to this game is to name objects outside of the car that begin with select letters of the alphabet. Once someone names an object, you must move onto the next letter in the alphabet. With this game, you’ll want to start at the beginning of the alphabet and work your way through.

Name the Car Color

The object of this game is to name the color of the next car you’ll see in oncoming traffic. In order to do this, everyone in the car must pick a different color. The person in the end with the most correct color choices wins the game.

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