Follow These Steps to DeWinterize Your RV

Follow These Steps to DeWinterize Your RV

Apr 25, 2016 Tanisha Mitchell Comments Disabled
Follow These Steps to DeWinterize Your RV

Clean out the water system.

Most RV owners use antifreeze to protect the water system when the RV is in storage, and in order to get the system ready for a whole new season of adventures, it’s important to flush the antifreeze out. This can be done using a hose to push fresh water through the system. Once this is finished, you will then want to plug up all drains and sanitize the water system using bleach and water. Leave the solution in the water lines for up to 12 hours, drain it out and then re-add fresh water to complete the process.

Check your tires.

Use a tire pressure gauge to ensure your tires have the right amount of air pressure. When in storage, tires often gradually lose air pressure, so you may have to fill them up before you head out on the road.

Take a look at your fluids.

Like your tires, it’s best to check your RV’s fluids when de-winterizing it. If the fluids appear to be low, you’ll want to fill them back up. Additionally, you should check the generator to make sure it’s running at optimal levels and start the engine to ensure all gauges are reading properly.

Test your appliances.

Open the gas valve to check all of your LP gas-powered appliances before you set out on your first road trip of the season. If any appliances fail to operate, you’ll want to have them fixed by a professional at our service center at Reliable RV as soon as possible.

Charge all batteries.

Batteries lose their charge over time while in storage, so it’s important for you to fully charge all batteries when de-winterizing your RV. You may also have to add distilled water to lead-acid batteries after they are fully charged if the lead plates are not completely covered by water already. If you don’t feel comfortable handling this yourself, please bring your motorhome down to Reliable RV and our team will gladly handle your service needs.

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