Gas vs Diesel RV Engines

Gas vs Diesel RV Engines

Sep 16, 2015 Tanisha Mitchell Comments Disabled
Gas vs Diesel RV Engines

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing an RV, including which engine, gas or diesel, is the better option. With both offering a wide array of advantages that will benefit you on your cross country journey, it can be a difficult choice. However, we’ve done our research and have collected a few tidbits about each engine that may help you decide.

Why Go Gas?

Affordability & Accessibility

With gas stations strewn about the country, it’s easy to find one when you’re in dire need of a refill. Gas also tends to be cheaper than diesel, which is beneficial if you’re on a budget.

Reliable in Cold Weather

Gas engines have proven to be more resistant in cold weather than diesel engines, making them the perfect choice for RVers who are interested in traveling during the winter. Taking trips to Colorado, New Hampshire and other snowy states during the winter months is easy to do when you have a reliable gas engine.

Delivers a Smooth Ride

Since gas engines are known to generate higher RPMs than diesel engines, gas-fueled RVs produce a much smoother and quieter ride than diesel RVs. They also deliver faster acceleration when you want to kick up speed.


Why Go Diesel?

Extended Travel

If you’re planning on going on a long road trip, a diesel RV is the way to go. Models equipped with diesel engines are typically very fuel-efficient, allowing you to go long periods of time without having to fill up the tank.

Long Lifespan

Diesel engines last longer than gas engines when they are properly maintained. Due to this advantage, RVs outfitted with diesel engines also tend to have higher resale values than those equipped with gas engines.

First-Class Torque

When it comes to torque, diesel engines are the best option. They often deliver more torque than gas engines, which means they also produce excellent tow ratings. If you intend on towing trailers or vehicles behind your RV, a diesel engine should be your top pick.

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