Gas vs Diesel Which RV Engine is Right for You

Mar 21, 2018 Randy Lancaster
Gas vs Diesel Which RV Engine is Right for You

Diesel and gasoline are your choices when you purchase a recreational vehicle RV. While it is true that most people who plan to spend an extensive amount of time on the road typically go for diesel-powered engines, it is possible to get the most out of a gasoline RV if you understand its capabilities before making a purchase.

Here are a few of the valuable pointers that a potential owner of either of these models should consider before making his investment.

Pros of Diesel-Powered Engines

Motors that operate from diesel fuel give more torque power, which leads to better towing capacity. RV owners of diesel engines do not have to worry about the vehicle losing power when traveling up a hill. A diesel-powered motor also burns fuel at much slower rates than an engine supported by gasoline.

Cold weather is one small issue that some diesel owners may face as engines operating from this fuel type may experience complications when the temperatures drop. Also, Not every mechanic is qualified to do repairs on diesel engines, which means that you must pay more for a truck maintenance specialist who may or may not be in the area.

Pros of Gas-Powered Engines

The main advantage that gasoline RV owners have over their diesel counterparts is convenience. You can fill your tank with fuel wherever there is a service station instead of having to plan your rest stops carefully. Gasoline-powered RVs also cost less to purchase, which leads to even more short-term savings. You can also hire just about any general mechanic to do repairs instead of being forced into searching for a skilled specialist when the RV breaks down on the road.

You will not get the same stability when traveling an incline in a gasoline RV that you may get from a diesel model. Towing capacity is also reduced with gas-powered motors.

There are benefits and disadvantages to every vehicle purchase, and RVs are no different. Your decision to either choose a gasoline-powered or diesel motorhome largely depends on your lifestyle. Stop by our dealership today to have a friendly sales associate further explain the pros and cons of both diesel and gasoline RVs.

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