How Do I Keep My RV Safe From Theft

How Do I Keep My RV Safe From Theft

May 08, 2018 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
How Do I Keep My RV Safe From Theft

How To Keep Your RV Safe From Theft This Camping Season

When you are embarking on an adventure in your RV, you probably give some thought to the safety of your home while you are away. There are some preventive measures you can take to make sure that your home doesn’t get broken into while you are out of town but what about the safety of your RV? There will be times when you leave your RV so you can check out the sights or do an activity. Trailers and RV’s are common targets for thieves because not only do they get a vehicle with their theft but they also get all of your items inside of the vehicle. People with RV’s who travel regularly should be aware of this rising problem and take some steps towards making their RV more safe this camping season.

Think About Parking

When you arrive at your final destination, and you are getting ready to park your vehicle, think about how you will do this. The majority of people will back up their RV into their spot, which is convenient for you, but it makes it a whole lot easier to drive away if you are a criminal looking to steal. Not to mention, if your front end is facing outwards, someone could come along and in a matter of minutes, hook the front of your vehicle up to a trailer and tow your vehicle away. When you park, make sure your hitch is stationed well away from the accessible part of your vehicle to deter thieves. To steal your vehicle this way, it would have to be turned around and could start to draw attention.

Keep Your RV Secure

Of course, when you leave your RV for the day make sure you keep all of the windows and doors locked. You might be tempted to leave a window cracked open to allow air flow to circulate but don’t do this. For the main entrance, you should have a heavy duty lock on it such as a lock and kingpin. Padlocks and cylinder locks are very common and also very useful. Even better if you can find a bolt that comes equipped with a non-duplicated key.

To Boot Or Not To Boot

One more safe way to keep your RV parked right where you left it is to invest in a vehicle boot. A boot essentially covers up one of your wheels and prevents it from being moved. You want to look for a boot that also covers up the lug nuts, which will prevent a thief from trying to change out your tire even with the boot on it.

Make Your Vehicle Less Tempting

You want to make sure your RV is in good shape and looks its best, but there are some tips you can utilize to make your vehicle look less tempting to people who are trying to rob and steal. Make sure you clean up your camping area and keep all of your valuables out of sight from the windows. Keep all of the shades pulled down when you are away so nobody will be able to see in.

Invest In A Safe

If you are bringing valuables of any kind with you, invest in a safe that you can have on your RV. You might not plan on having much with you, but if you want to leave your wallet, keys, passports or birth certificate behind while you go for a walk, you can place your items here for the time being.

You might be a frequent RV traveler, or this might be your first year with a vehicle of this type for your travels. Enjoy your adventures without having to worry about the safety of your RV and your valuables. It can be a good idea to talk to some of your “neighbors” when you arrive at your campsite. Whether you know these people or not, they are on a trip as well, and the two of you can help keep an eye out in case some trouble is lurking. If you need some additional tips or want your RV to go through an inspection before heading out on the road, stop down our local dealership on today.

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