How Often You Should Replace Windshield Wipers

Jun 18, 2021 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
How Often You Should Replace Windshield Wipers

Benefits of Replacing the Windshield Wipers

Understanding the benefits of replacing your windshield wipers can prompt you to schedule this type of maintenance more frequently. When you install new wipers, it helps protect your windshield from potential damage that can occur when old wipers have worn or damaged materials. If the metal arms come in contact with the windshield, it can lead to a lot of damage to the glass as they’re in motion.

New wipers also boost your visibility by keeping the windshield clear in poor weather conditions. Approximately 46 percent of accidents are caused during rainfall, making it necessary always to change out the wipers to reduce your risk of accidents.

Another benefit is that this type of maintenance is relatively inexpensive and isn’t a major cost when it comes to maintaining your vehicle throughout the year.

How Often Should I Replace My Windshield Wipers?

Your windshield wipers should be replaced every six to 12 months. The rubber material can disintegrate during this time, making it necessary to avoid waiting any longer to replace the parts.

Several signs hint that the wipers need to be replaced, which includes if your current wipers cause streaks to form. The wiper edge may also become dull, which causes moisture to smear and blur your view.

Another sign you need new windshield wipers is if the blades tend to vibrate or skip across the windshield as move back and forth.

Certified Automotive Technicians

We only hire certified automotive technicians to work on our customers’ cars, which allows us to have a team of professionals who can efficiently and quickly replace windshield wipers. Our team has enough experience and expertise to work on any make and model with this type of maintenance.

Only Quality Automotive Parts

When replacing the wipers or performing other types of repairs, we only use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. This allows us to stand out compared to other auto shops that use aftermarket parts. OEM parts are constructed with better materials to ensure they hold up well without suffering from wear and tear as quickly. OEM parts are also known to be more efficient and can perform better over time.

If you want to learn more about replacing your windshield wipers, we’re here to help when you call us or visit our dealership today. We can answer your questions and also provide you with additional information about this type of service.

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