How to Best Go About Traveling With Pets

How to Best Go About Traveling With Pets

Nov 14, 2016 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
How to Best Go About Traveling With Pets

Hitting the open road with your furry friends can take your RV trips to new heights. However, there are few things to keep in mind to help you and your pets have the time of your lives in your RV. Here is what you’ll need to consider when traveling with your beloved cat, dog, hamster, etc.

ID Tags

In the event your four-legged friend gets lost during your trip, you’ll feel good in knowing that he has ID tags, which will help bring him back home. Be sure to put your cell number, address and any other identifying information on these tags.

Ask in Advance

Don’t assume that the RV parks and campgrounds you visit will allow pets, instead call ahead and ask about their rules and regulations regarding pets at their property. Also, be sure to inquire about what kind of pets they will allow at their facility. This will alleviate stress in not knowing if the places you plan to visit will accept your pets.

Guard Your Pets

Before you leave for your trip, be sure to purchase flea and tick spray. If your pet is a hamster, guinea pig, bunny or something else, consult with your vet on how to best go about protecting them in the great outdoors.

Be Respectful of Others

Nothing is more disappointing then stepping in a pile of dung while vacationing in your RV. That’s why it’s always a good idea to pick up after your pets. It also helps encourage RV parks to continue allowing animals at their grounds. If you have unique pets like ferrets or birds, ask a member at the campground how to best handle waste removal.  

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