How to Clean Your Black Water System

How to Clean Your Black Water System

Jul 26, 2019 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
How to Clean Your Black Water System

Seeing the beautiful wonders of this great country, from the Redwood forests to the Gulfstream waters, is part of what being an American is all about. There’s no better way to see the country than through an RV, yet it’s not always easy when it comes down to the brass tacks of how to hook up and clean certain systems like gray water tanks and black tanks. Black water systems are easier to clean than many people think, so without further ado let’s explore how to properly clean a black water system.

How Do I Start Cleaning My Black Water System?

Once the black tank is at least three quarters of the way full, first close the gray tank valve and create a build-up of gray water from showering, dishes, etc; The goal here is to have the gray water tank flush out the black tank once it is at least halfway full. Once a fair amount of gray water has been built up, you have some heavy duty reusable gloves handy and you attach an anti-back-flow valve onto the end of a hose, go ahead and attach the hose with valve onto the sewage tank rinse point on the RV.

Connect the other end of the hose to a water source and slowly turn on the water from its source. Next, pull the black tank valve and your black tank should start to drain. Let this drain for about ten minutes. Finally, close your black tank valve in a final cleaning effort to let it almost completely fill up with water. Once your black tank is about 80% full, then re-open the blank tank valve and let the water flush completely out of the black tank until its empty! Turn off the water, and close all connections to complete this process.

How Do I Learn More?

While a touchy subject in many people???s books and not necessarily a dinner time topic, clearing out a black tank is something that is absolutely vital to RVing and enjoying the great outdoors in an RV. Many people even opt for a clear black tank nozzle in order to fully know once their back tank is clean, although that is certainly not for the faint of heart. Cleaning out your black tank properly in this way is always important because it allows you to continue journeying throughout the gigantic backyard that we call America The Beautiful. If you have any questions about this process, would like to learn more or have questions about anything else related to RV’s then you are cordially invited to contact and visit Reliable RV at your convenience. Happy travels!

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