How to Navigate RV Life During COVID19 Pandemic

How to Navigate RV Life During COVID19 Pandemic

Apr 28, 2020 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
How to Navigate RV Life During COVID19 Pandemic



Navigating RV life while the world is going through the COVID-19 pandemic has presented some unique challenges. Many of the ultimate decisions about what you can or cannot do will depend upon which state you stop in. Each governor issues specific warnings for their state, and that seems to be dependent on the current number of positive cases. To find the most up to date travel and quarantine information for each region, search the internet for the state’s official page, many will end in .gov, and find the link to COVID-19 updates. The link is usually at the top or center and boldly highlighted.

What are some personal safety precautions?

There are several personal safety precautions you can take, no matter where you are. Hand washing and social distancing are the two major ones. The most effective way to wash your hands is to use warm soapy water and rub them for at least 20 seconds, then rinse. If you do not have access to running water, hand sanitizers are another option. Social distancing means you should allow six feet of space between you and the next person. This separation, coupled with handwashing, may eventually stop the spread of the virus. Prevention is your best defense until a vaccine or other forms of treatment are developed.

Information from the Center for Disease Control

You may not be aware that you have come into contact with COVID-19, so cleaning everyday items and your RV can help prevent further spreading. The US Center for Disease Control CDC recommends that you wash surfaces first than disinfect them. The high-traffic RV areas include latches, doorknobs, handles, countertops, the bathroom, kitchen, and the steering wheel. Personal items to clean are keyboards, cell phones, remote controls, and GPS equipment.

Because of the pandemic, many RV locations might be full or closed altogether. You may need to be flexible with your destination. Call ahead to all RV sites to confirm they are open. When you arrive, do your best to maintain social distancing. It can be nearly impossible in some situations, like at the check-in counter. If warranted, wear a mask. It is not advisable to wear an N95 grade mask because those are being saved for medical personnel. Many companies are making cloth and paper face masks now.

When greeting others at the RV sites, it will be different now because of COVID-19. Handshaking is frowned upon. Instead, maintain your social distance and give a friendly hello and a wave. Stay in contact with family and friends via phone calls, video chats, emails, and text messages.

These are trying times for everyone, and there seem to be more answers than questions. We are still here at Reliable RV if you need us for anything. Contact us anytime and know that we are all in this together. Stay safe.

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