How to Relight the Pilot Light in Your RV

How to Relight the Pilot Light in Your RV

Oct 29, 2018 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
How to Relight the Pilot Light in Your RV

In the home, we rarely ever have to light the pilot light. The only time where we ever have to feel concerned is when it goes out in the home. In an RV, your responsibilities differ somewhat because you have to light it to get started, and you have to make sure that you have turned it off before going anywhere. If you fail to shut it off, the gas will keep running, and you will have to replace it sooner than you wanted. Here’s how to go about lighting up the pilot light of your RV.

Step #1: Make Sure That the Propane Works

Before you ever begin, you should first check to make sure that the propane you have in the RV work. You should see a gauge on it that will tell you how full it is. You will find this right on the propane tank. Checking it can be done in two different ways. For example, you can check the gauge on the propane tank, but you can also check the tank inside the RV. In truth, this will most likely become your primary way of checking. To check the propane tank, you will hold down the LPG button, and it will light up an indicator to tell you what level of propane is left in the tank.

The other way that you can check it varies in accuracy, but you take some warm water and pour it down the side of the propane tank. When you run your hand along the tank, you will notice how the propane tank sucks the heat inside of the tank. As you move your hand down the tank, you will eventually run across a cold spot. This will give you rough estimate of how much propane you have left in the tank.

Step #2: Push and Hold and Light

After you have determined how much propane you have left in your tank or if you have to replace the tank, you can push and hold the light on it to light your pilot light for the RV. You will hold the button down and light it in this fashion. After you have done this, it will light up the pilot light, and you should be ready to go for the rest of the weekend.

Step #3: Cooking Food

Let’s say that you want to cook some pizza. To cook the pizza, you will go over to the oven and push the button for the oven. Next, you will light it up, and let it go. Then all there is to do is you simply wait until the oven has warmed up. The advantage of a gas oven over an electric is how it warms up much faster so that you can get to cooking right away. Important to note, you should turn off the pilot light when you’re driving because it doesn’t make sense to keep it on. The propane will go out much sooner if you leave it on.

When it comes to heating the hot water or running your stove, you can do it in three different ways. You can run it with electricity, propane or heat from the engine. Visiting our dealership, we will acquaint you with how to relight the pilot of your RV, and we can also give you helpful tips that you might find useful. For a beginner, this guidance can direct you on the right course. We’d love the opportunity to show you our RVs and how they can become an asset to the road warriors who want to live a traveler’s active lifestyle on the highway.

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