How to Winterize an RV Trailer

Nov 21, 2022 Randy Lancaster
How to Winterize an RV Trailer

Winterizing Your RV

When the winter comes, this often means that you have to secure your more summer-oriented vehicles like the RV. Here’s some information on how you can do this.

Winterizing your RV

In order to winterize the housing portion of your RV, first, you have to gather materials. This will include materials like the special RV antifreeze and other items to help with the process. Next, you have to remove the water filters to pump antifreeze into your water system. After that, you’re going to need to drain out and flush all the black and gray tanks. This is best accomplished at a campsite with hookups.

Drain Everything

Next, you’re going to want to drain out the water heater tank. You can do this simply by taking out the drain plug. Turn it off first so the water will cool off. Make sure you put the plug back after you drain it. Next, you’re going to need to open up all the faucets and take all the drains out. That way, the water will leave your tank. Make sure you leave the lines open for at least fifteen minutes. Your water pump could even help with this process. After this, you need to close all the faucets and put the plugs back after all the water is gone.

Use the Antifreeze

First, you have to bypass the water heater, so this doesn’t use any antifreeze. Then you have to install the water pump kit for the converter so the RV can fill your system with antifreeze. Turn on all the water faucets until they get the antifreeze; you also do this with the sinks. Don’t forget the shower. Finally, you should flush the toilet until it has the substance as well. You need to add a cup of antifreeze down the drain for every sink. This way, you will make sure that the stuff is present throughout your system.

Finally, you should turn off the hot water heating and make sure all of your faucets are closed. This will make sure you can then store the RV safely. You should check your manual in case there is anything else you should do listed in there.

To understand more about the winterizing process and anything else related to Rvs, please speak with us at our dealership today. You can talk to us face to face at our location, or you can send us an email or a phone call.

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