How to Winterize Your RV

How to Winterize Your RV

Sep 25, 2017 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
How to Winterize Your RV

Snow, ice and salt, oh my! Yes, we know, winter is still a few months away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about how to best protect your RV from these winter weather elements that can wreak havoc on your home away from home. As such, Reliable RV has compiled a list of steps that every RVer should follow to give their investment the pristine protection it deserves during the cold weather months ahead.

Drain Tanks

This is one of the most important things you can do for your RV during winter. First, our expert service technicians recommend removing any inline water filters. If you have one of these in your sink faucet, be sure to install your bypass hose once the filter is taken off. Next, empty all of your tanks at an RV dump station.

Empty Drains/Faucets

Remember to open ALL faucets and flush the toilet to get any leftover moisture out of the lines. Using a 12-volt water pump to help push the water out will make the job a lot easier. Turn off the pump when all the water is gone to avoid damaging it. Close faucets and recap drains.  

Bypass Water Heater

Most new and used motorhomes come fitted with a water heater bypass kit. They will help you save up to 10 gallons of antifreeze, as it will fill the tank first before making its way thought the lines. If you don’t have a bypass kit, we can install one for you in no time. Schedule an appointment today!

Circulate Antifreeze

After performing the above steps, turn on the 12-volt water pump to circulate antifreeze through your RV’s system.

Flush Toilet

Pour a cup of antifreeze down every drain and into your toilet, making sure that you see the product when you flush.

Cover RV

If you don’t have a garage to store your RV in during the winter, be sure to at least cover it with tarp to protect the paint, wheels, windows and locks.  

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