How Toilets Work in an RV

How Toilets Work in an RV

Jun 17, 2020 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
How Toilets Work in an RV


Many individuals that have never owned an RV before wonder exactly how the toilet works. They are afraid that RV toilets are a lot different than what they are used to at home. Fortunately, they aren’t. They are pretty similar! Here’s how toilets work in an RV.

Fresh Water

For the toilet to flush, it will need water. If you are parked at a campground, you can hook your RV right up to city water. This will provide you with water every single time you flush the toilet, turn the sink on, or take a shower. If you are traveling, you will need to fill the fresh water tank in your RV with water before you hit the road to flush the toilet. Your shower and sinks will also get water from this tank. Fortunately, this tank does hold a lot of water. This will allow you to flush the toilet quite a bit while you are on the road. Don’t worry as it really isn’t that difficult to fill your fresh water tank with water.

Toilet System

The toilet in your RV will probably look very similar to that of the toilet in your own home. An RV’s toilet functions the same way that a standard toilet does. Once you flush it, gravity pulls the waste down and out of the toilet. Your toilet tank may have water in the bowl, but its water pressure is minimal. Gravity is what does all of the work for you. However, there is a difference as to where the waste goes versus a regular toilet. Your waste ends up in the black water holding tank instead of a sewer system. This tank will need to be emptied from time to time. To empty it, you will need to attach a hose to it and dump it at a waste station. It may not seem easy at first, but you will be able to master draining your black water tank after doing it one or two times.

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