Is There a Fully Electric RV?

Is There a Fully Electric RV?

Jan 07, 2020 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
Is There a Fully Electric RV?

Is there such a thing as a fully electric RV? Yes, there is. The first of its kind, the Iridium EV debuted in January of 2019 and is the brainchild of two German companies to show that the RV industry has an interest in reducing their carbon footprint as well.

Who Makes an Electric RV?

German companies ElektroFahrzeuge Stuttgart, known as EFA-S, and WOF collaborated to create the Iridium EV. WOF, a manufacturer of camper vans, supplied their commercial vehicle chassis and EFA-S, an electric vehicle retrofitter, provided the battery and drive train technology. However, the bodywork was completed by Maurer Fahrzeugbau, the Swiss camper van manufacturer.

With a current range of 124 miles, the company realizes that this may put constraints on some. But technology for these batteries is continually evolving, so those who use this RV can look forward to advancements in the near future. In the meanwhile, the electric RV can be charged with an integrated charger that works anywhere that you can find a conventional outlet. In spite of limited range, the electric motor home industry shows a lot of promise when it comes to making more efficient RVs that will ultimately reduce the carbon footprints left behind.

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