Make Your RV Feel More Like Home With These 4 Plants

Make Your RV Feel More Like Home With These 4 Plants

May 23, 2017 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
Make Your RV Feel More Like Home With These 4 Plants

Spring is in full swing, which means many RVers are already diving into spring cleaning and getting their RVs ready for summer getaways. To add some life to your unit, we recommend adding some plants to your home away from home. See our list below of the top plants that are must-haves to bring with you on your vacations.

1. Peperomia

Known for being an easy-to-grow plant that only requires a healthy dose of sunlight and water on occasion, the Peperomia will help you grow your RV style. Plus, it comes in many varieties that remain small, making it the perfect addition to your RV no matter how cramped your space may feel.

2. African Violet

Colorful and easy to maintain, the African Violet is absolutely lovely. It thrives indoors with moist soil, and it is best to keep them indoors away from cold breezy areas of your RV. The plant comes in an assortment of purple and pink colors and has fine leaves.

3. Begonia

Featuring beautiful bright petals, begonias add a lively touch to any room. Caring for these plants only requires indirect sunlight and watering, but be careful not to overwater them.

4. Kalanchoe

With its thick leaves and vibrant star-shaped flowers, the Kalanchoe plant is sure to spruce up your RV. The plant does best in full light through a south-facing window in the winter but should be moved to receive indirect light during the spring and summer. Your kalanchoe should be planted in a pot with soil that drains well.

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